Vaccines & Freedom of Choice in NJ


As NJ attempts to Mandate Vaccines for All School Children, no religious exemptions allowed…

Many ideas on earth and in the beautiful wonderful USA have been taken and misused or manipulated. The inventor of Vaccines Jonas Salk I am sure had the most amazing pure intentions….I know he did and as well as did the inventors of the atomic bomb. Scientific achievements are amazing!

When a person is restricted to perform research based on financial status and is need of funding, funders who will provide money to research ideas and products they are interested in, will not continue to fund people who are not giving research evidence that is not in their own opinion, or best for their product and most importantly their wallets.

the freedom of choice is essential in this country. Every person has the right to refuse any treatment. Doctors are only trained in one specific way of thinking in this country. And western medicine as we know it has only been around for 100 -200 years arguably.

After 6 years in the Emergency Department, many non traditional healing experiences as well as a Masters in Nursing– i’ve seen both the pros and cons of pharmaceutical treatments. They can be helpful, but they can also be harmful and even cause death.

Medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA.
right behind cancer & heart disease. Pharmaceutical medicines play a key role in this statistic!

I personally do not trust the pharmaceutical industry. That is my personal opinion after my personal experiences. That is why I will no longer be accepting vaccines for myself, including the flu vaccine. And why my guidance system is feeling distrust of the system after seeing NJ Legislators push a mandatory vaccine program for children who wish to attend schools in the state of NJ.

I have had the gift of beautiful information on how to heal my body with fruits, veggies and some VERY HIGH QUALITY, TRUSTED vitamins and minerals. & i’ve used them with great success. Last year I had a urinary tract infection and treated it successfully WITHOUT antibiotics. (( Haven’t had one since! or needed to go to the doctors or hospital at all!!)) Much research has shown that the use of a high quality foods including medicinal amounts of fruits and vegetables can heal many diseases.
((For example to get a medicinal dose of melon you may need to eat 1 -2 whole melons per day! I don’t know many people who do that! ))

I am not here to say I am pro vaccine or anti vaccine or tell anyone what to do with their bodies! I just want people to know that their are MANY MANY choices on the path to healing and mandating one particular way may not work well for certain people.

I encourage all people to not feel limited in their choices for healing and prevention of illness!!! Expand your mind & invest your money, time and faith in healers and people who have you best interest at heart. Maybe not a corporate industry who like all businesses has its primary goal in making money.

Most people who go on a pharmaceutical medicine will be on it for the rest of their lives! With no promise of good quality of life! Is that really healing?!?? We have been led to believe that is the best that is out there! I PROMISE YOU IT IS NOT!!!

Sending love, healing light and peace to all persons out their whatever you believe! I hope you have a beautiful belief system that works well for you and I thank you in advance for your attention and the opportunity to express mine! You are all beautiful beings! Thank you for being apart of my life!

A letter from a brilliant, fearless mother

Here is an outstanding letter from a parent to Governor Murphy that does an awesome job reviewing the research and helping people to understand more information on laws that force people into accepting certain medical treatments, including vaccines!

Resources on current Vaccine Research

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